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Today I went out shopping. First stop was Norells. Ohhhhhh, I love Norells. Flowers, trees, plants and then more flowers. I kept the distances and after searching a bit I found two flowers to bring home. ❤ One red astilbe that I plan to put in the Japanese Garden and one white poppy, Royal Wedding. I am sure it will be absolutely astonishing.

Then off to the pharmacy to buy some medication for my mum. And to Lidl, to get her her favorite musli. I also got hold of “hand disinfection” which normally is impossible to get hold of these days. As is toilet paper, soap, jasmine rice, pasta etc. A lot of shelves are just empty in the stores. Crazy!

Plexiglass shields and distance marks
I also went to Maxi to get some groceries, both for my mother and for me. Not that much people in the store which was perfect. The cashiers have plexiglass shields now, close to everywhere. And there are marks in the floor so it is clear what distance you should keep to other customers when standing in line. And everybody do keep distance. At least that is my experience. But then again, I am not out shopping that often since I try to avoid doing it.

Picnic with my mother
Then I went to my mothers and I brought “fika” so we had kind of an outdoor picnic. Very nice to be able to sit down, together, but with a distance and chat for a while. I wish that I will be as alert as she is when I am 88. She has some blood pressure issues that she has medication for and also needs hearing aid but that is about it. ❤

When I got back home s´we played SkipBo, as we often do these days. I won today, 2-1. Jiiiiippiiiiiiiiiii!!!

The Corona numbers are still increasing. The numbers today 2020-04-25 at Worldometer are:


  • Infected: 2 891 491
  • Deaths: 201 520
  • Recovered: 825 032


  • Infected: 18 177
  • Deaths: 2 192
  • Recovered: 1 005


  • Infected: 195 351
  • Deaths: 26 384
  • Recovered: 63 120

I  picked these three since global is interesting of course, as is Sweden because it is my wonderful country of birth. And then Italy, since they are so severely affected of this decease.

And as you can see, there is still no light at the end of the tunnel…