The world has stopped spinning. Covid 19 (Corona) is now in charge. A lot of countries have closed down completely. You are only allowed to go out if it is really necessary, like to the grocery store or to the pharmacy. They have closed schools and daycare centers. My colleagues around the globe are working from home and at the same time taking care of their children, And if they are in school age also home teaching their children. I do not understand how they are able to cope?

In Sweden we have a more tolerant strategy. We are still allowed to gather up to 50 people at the same spot BUT we do need to keep the distancies. Well separated distancies. We have been asked to stay home. Not forced. The whole system is built on trust. The health clubs are open. So are the bathhouses. Volvo has closed down though, since weeks back. Small retail shops have started to go bencrupt. Joy. DEA Axelssons. MQ. And small restaurants are having a hard time. As do hotels. And airlines, since no-one is allowed to fly anymore. Close to no-one. All events have been cancelled. All 70+ should stay at home.

I have been working from home for the last 5 weeks, and so has everyone else that has the possibility to do so. Jörgen is still going to work which makes me scared since he is part of a risk group due to astma. Jossan also, due to diabethes. I am so glad she is working from home.  Stockholm is by far the place that has the most infected people in Sweden. Robin is travelling to Enköping each day, but fortunately by car. Not on a bus or by train. My mom, 88, stays in her appartment. She has skipped the health club, the soup lunches, the music group, the choir and many more activities. She takes 20 minute strolls once or twice a day, that’s it.

At the hostpitals they are fighting a war against Corona. They are now on a crises schedule. Working, and working, and working. A war I hope we will win. Soon. So many people have died. Adam Alsing died a few days ago. In Corona. 51 years old. Scary!

Numbers today 2020-04-19 at Worldometer:


  • Infected: 2 460,792
  • Deaths: 168 934
  • Recovered: 643 916


  • Infected: 14 777
  • Deaths: 1 580
  • Recovered: 550


  • Infected: 181 228
  • Deaths: 24 114
  • Recovered: 48 877

It is much worse than a normal flue and there is no cure. No vaccin so far. Maybe in a year or so. Some does not even notice if they have the decises and other get very, very sick and some die. Some of the  symptoms are coffin, fever, sometimes loss of taste and smell, affects the lungs badly, breathing problems, etc.

It all started in China, and then it spread through-out the world. I spread to Northern Italy, Swedes went to Northern Italy for sports leave and came back home infected by Covid 19. Some companies were quick to put employees returning from Italy in quaranteen, but far from all. And then it started to spread also here.

Is this the curse of man becoming global. No boundries, no borders, we are all globetrotters and the whole world is our home. Everywhere. Until now. Now we are stuck. Some days it feels like this is a night mare or a bad horror movie. SOme days it feels just nice working from home. More relaxed, more consentrated, being able to focus better, have a beautiful view from my office, compny by WIlma, sometimes company by my husband, can start early without having to travel to work, I can drink great coffe all day (Zoegas) and I can have lunch outside. But sometimes I also miss my colleagues and all the laughter.

Now China has started to open up a bit. Denmark, Norway and Germany are discussing to open up. Slowly. America have started to think about opening up a few states soon.

When will this end?