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Had a great day with my mother and Gudrun today. At the yearly market in Kolbäck, called Kolifej. We walked around for like 4 hours and every three meters my mother stopped to talk to someone she had not seen for 5 years. Or someone she met yesterday but anyway had to speak to for a minute or two. Or ten. She knows close to all people in my home town. Amazing. So you see, the market is not at all large, but it still took us some 4 hours to walk through it.

Mälardalens dansklubb in Kolbäck
At 12.00, lucky enough, we happened to pass by the Mälardalens dansklubb in Kolbäck and their 30 minute show. It was amazing! So many talanted dancers. And these guys were totally AMAZING. Great dance, great music! Look at the video and you will see for yourself.

Dancers from the Mälardalens Dansklubb in a super impressive “dubbelbugg”

I also did a real finding at the “Loppis”. Five tiny, sweat, beautiful glasses. Knappglas in Swedish. Love them!