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Today is my last day of summer vacation. It has been really unusual and when saying that I am of course, as every Swede, referring to the weather. We ALWAYS talk about the weather.  Why? Well, probably because it is normally very shifting. Sun, rain, wind, snow, cold, not that cold, cloudy, thunder. Yep, we like to discuss our past, present and upcoming weather. Or we are just bad at small talk, I am not sure what is the truth here really.

So what about the Swedish weather of 2018 summer

Well, I can tell you, we have NEVER have weather like we have had this summer. Never ever. This has been a HOT SUMMER! It started at May 6 and then lasted for a month approximately. Complete 100% summer weather. 25 degrees C. Every day. At work we had our lunch boxes outside close to every day, on the grass. Amazing. Every weekend felt like vacation. Wonderful feeling and very unusual for us in Sweden.

Then Midsummer was around the corner and then of course the weather had to go unstable. That is just plane old tradition. Running in and out with our tables, plates and glasses. From the air perspective you could see a the whole population of one country running around with tables like crazy. In?? Out?? In again? Hilarious sight really, when you think about it.

Two weeks after Midsummer up comes my vacation and I can tell you, I have not had a day of vacation this summer in Sweden where the temperature has gone below 25 degrees C. The main part of the days it has been between 28-32 and that is just insane. That NEVER happens here. But wait a minute, not actually true. In 2014 there was a huge forrest fire close to where I live. That year we were on vacation in US, but I remember that I was complaining about the US temperature (we did Route 66 and some other trips, all by car) and my friends in Sweden kept saying: We have the same temperature here! Around 30 degrees that summer as well so this is the second crazy summer in Sweden then.

Here are two habitants of ours that really like this hot kind of weather, Sukribe and Zilga. It will take until end of September or October though (I think) until we are able to eat them.

Green grapes, Sukribe

Green grapes, Sukribe

Blue grapes, Zilga

Blue grapes, Zilga

Sweden is on fire

And as a result of the high temperatures we have had a LOT of forrest fires this year. Around 60 when it peaked. We have got help from a lot of European countries which makes you realize that we are actually stronger together. It is really good to be able to move our fire forces to the spots that needs them the most. Poland came to us with a LOT of vehicles and fire fighters. We also got help from Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Lithuania, Portugal just to mention some. Plus so many Swedish volontiers.


Vacation summary

But then, back to our vacation and to sum it up. The first week we went to Iceland, a cool and chilly country. Wilma was at Gittans Djurpensionat (a cattery) in Norrby, Berg, outside Hallstahammar. After Iceland Jörgen got sick. A few days later Jossan and Davron came to visit. Then both of them got sick. Since I am born a Wallin, I thought I would make it but NO. The last week of vacation I got sick. We all had a sour throats and headache and J&D&J had a fever as well, but fortunately I did not. So glad for that. But in between all the illnesses we have been going swimming to Tortunagropen, Gäddeholm and Tidö. I have read three books, and have started on number four as we speak. We have seen Mamma Mia 2 and then we have had a LOT of happy, relaxing days at home in our garden. Well, Jörgen has had a lot to do. Both vehicles and business wise but I have completely relaxed. Relaxing also means having enough energy to do pickled cucumbers, salt cucumbers, cherry jam, currant jam, growing different kind of beans, tomatoes etc.

So the vacation has been great apart from the sickness and also, I know that I should not complain on the weather, but when you have a hard time sleeping due to that you have a temperature in the bedroom of 30 degrees, well, then it is TOO HOT for me. Our neighbour installed AC in the house after a few weeks of this warm weather. Good choice. We had a fan in the house, moving it around to whatever room we stayed in.

We have also finally moved the play house out of its very wrong place in the garden. It was left there after the rebuilding of our house so it has been in this wrong spot for like 2-3 years now. Hidden behind it was my favorite flowerbed but all my flowers have died now. It is just plain soil there. So now I have to replan it all, woooohoooo. 🙂

The last three days of the vacation I paniced. I had two projects to finish in the garden and none was done. Friday I did the all the stones/tiles that should surround the porch. Heavy work but I am so happy with the result.

Black slate (in Swedish skiffer)

Black slate (in Swedish skiffer) both for design and warmth

Saturday I started the repainting projects of 2 shed doors, one single door and one double door, so really three doors. We built the shed some 15 years ago so it was indeed time to repaint. Did all the cleaning that day. Sunday I did the first painting layer (grundade) in the morning. After that I put black stones (slate, in Swedish skiffer) from Bauhaus around our grapes. So beautiful. Monday it will be time for the first layer with ordinary paint. Fönsterfärg. Color: Cotton. Tuesday = second layer and ALL DONE!

Repainting necessary

Repainting necessary

Phuu, feels good to get those three small garden projects done, at least.

Now, just reading, chilling, trying to get into my head that tomorrow it is time to get back ni business. Time for WORK! 😀