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Today we had a whole day off. Resting. Relaxing. Reading. Chilling. Resting. Relaxing. Yea, you get the picture…

The Volcano House

The only thing we actually did, apart from relaxing, was that we went to the Iceland Volcano House. This was actually really interesting. We watched two movies, one was from the eruption from Eldfell in 1973. The eruption came without any warning, but luckily there had been really hard wind the day before so the complete fishing fleet was still in the harbor. Hence they were able to evacuate everybody from the Westman islands and they were then given temporary help with shelter during this time. The guide said that Sweden also helped and built a number of wooden houses and these wooden houses are still very popular, so they go for really high prices whenever they are sold.

The second movie was from the latest volcano outburst in Eyjafjallajökull, 2010. And yes, you all recognize that one. A lot of people got stuck all over the world, since all flights were cancelled for several days, due to the volcano ash cloud. People had to find alternative ways to get back home then. By train, bus, hitchhiking, boat? Yes, whatever vehicle they could find that still were able to transport people.

Finally some Mexican food

Then we went to Hard Rock Café for lunch, and OMG, that was good, as always.

Nachos El Grande, my favorite

Nachos El Grande, my favorite

And we also managed to squeeze down an ice cream as dessert. Super yummi!

Icecream at Hard Rock Café

BIG ice cream at Hard Rock Café

In the evening we went to the hotel restaurant. Jörgen had a very nice burger with french fries and I had a sea food soup that was heavenly delicious, with warm, gluten free bread. And then of course we had also one glass of wine each, not to forget.

So, you see, not that much happened this day. Food and movie time and complete relaxation. 😉