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Chilly. OMG, it is really chilly in Iceland.  One of our tour guides said to us that the joke of this summer is that “Summer is cancelled in Reykjavik”. 😉 But at least we did not have a lot of rain, only cold, cold weather and wind.

The wonderful Blue Lagoon

Here we are on our way to The Blue Lagoon, fully dressed with a lot of warm clothes, as you can see. So if you go to Iceland, BRING WARM CLOTHES!

Happy but cold

Happy but cold

We took the offer which included a towel, a locker, a drink and a mud mask. Not sure what the price was, we also had transfer so it was a complete package offer.

The Blue Lagoon was really nice. A very large pool. There where a LOT of people there but that was no problem since the pool was so big. Nice and warm in the water and then freezing every time you needed to get something or go to the bathroom. We went over to the “mud mask bar” and got our masks, me and Rebecca. The guys are apparantly happy about their age, so they skipped the mask. But us ladies took a very thick layer of white mud and hoped for at least 10 years off. Luckily, the REAL bar was also in the water, so you did not have to leave the pool to get your drink. 🙂 We ordered three “sparkling” and a beer. And there we were, enjoying the water, Iceland, Blue Lagoon and sipping our drinks. Felt really good.

We stayed in the pool for around 1,5 hours and then we also had a stop at the café to get something to eat. I can put it this way: I’ve had better!!

The Lagoon Team

The Lagoon Team

Mud mask

Me and Rebecca soon to be 10 years younger

The house of Nordic light

We lived right opposite the Reykjavik concert hall, a very special building. Also, when googling it now at home, I realize that it is named Harpa. The building is all made out of glass. During night time it shifted in different colors, I assume that it should represent the nordic light, and I think they succeeded. It looked like you would expect the nordic light to look. But then again, what do I know, I have only seen it in Västerås and that is far from the real thing.

The Reykjavik Concert Hall

Jörgen checking out the construction of The Reykjavik Concert Hall

A wonderful Italian restaurant in Reykjavik

In the evening we had booked a table at the Essensia restaurant.

Essensia restaurant

Essensia restaurant ❤

The food there was DELICIOUS. OMG, I had a risotto and it was MAGICAL and the wine, Chianti Gouverno, was sooo good. The very best restaurant visit during the whole Icelandic trip, according to me. If you have the chance, GO VISIT! 🙂

Essensia seafood risotto

Essensia seafood risotto

A delicious Chianti

A delicious Chianti to go with the risotto