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Today we started our Iceland adventure. We packed a LOT of warm clothes and then off we went. Norwegian Airlines from Stockholm to Reykjavik (I never know how to spell that).

Arnarvholl Center Hotel

Arnarvholl Center Hotel

Arrived to the Arnarvholl Center Hotel at around 17.45, threw our bags into the room and went straight to the bar to meet our friends, Ted & Rebecca. They started their journey from Gothenburg super early this morning and had already been on a whale watching tour. I have already been on two different whale watching tours, one in Boston and the other one somewhere else in the world. Two is enough for me. You just get to see the tail anyway. 😉

Icelandic vacation team

On the roof top of Arnarvholl Center Hotel

Bar time and great to meet with friends. A glass of rosé. Happy hour in the hotel from 16.00 – 18.00. Yeey, we just made it. Until we got the bill that is, the happy hour was only for the white and the red wine. And the beer, of course. So my glass of rosé was 1600 IK (Icelandic Krona) and the red and the white ones was 900 IK. 900 IK is approximately 80-85 SEK, which is the normal price for a non happy hour glass of the “house wine” in Sweden, so yes, Iceland is expensive. Very expensive. The hotel room was around 3000 SEK/night. And the room was super small. But nice and modern. But small.

First night we had dinner at Matur og Drykkur. OMG, the words in Icelandic are really spelled and pronounced the way us Swedes joke about it. Just take the Swedish word, shorten it and then put -ur at the end. Yep, there you go, you can speak Icelandic. 😉

A recommendation of Lindgren

A restaurant with a menu of Icelandic flavours

We had a really nice evening at Matur og Drykkur and we had some lovely food and wine. The menu was quit small = not that many dishes (just a clarification for you guys that right now was thinking menu measures), and typically Icelandic. You could even have horse steak (if you, as the waiter said, do not mind to eat your best friend).  😉 BTW, they have 70.000 horses on Iceland, yes, Iceland horses, their own special rase. No wild herds as in UK, all horses are domestic. They have also exported 220.000 horses so there are a lot of Icelandic horses around the world. A very nice and robust kind of horse.