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What is wrong with the weather. One minute there is full sunshine and the next it is pouring down. Then comes thunder and lightning and after that we are back to the sunshine again. It is soooo strange.

One good thing though with all this raining is that my grass is actually starting to get green. Wow. Look at this:

Green, green grass of home

Green, green grass of home

I threw the seeds out last Monday and now the grass is about 1 cm. Ain’t that fast. I think so.  And if you google it, people say it should take between 2-3 weeks during summertime so then I am extra happy that it has grown so very quick. So I guess it is not all bad with the rain then. 🙂

From seed to 1 cm grass in one week

From seed to 1 cm grass in one week

And the best of all, our sweet cherries are close to ready. Just look at these beauties. They taste like heaven.

Sweet cherries

Sweet cherries, to die for

And the worst of all, half an hour ago I killed 23 more murder snails. I totally hate them. 😦