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Our first flight was a 14 hours flight from Melbourne to Doha. All went well and I entertained myself by looking at 3!!! movies:

  • Frozen (I have just seen it once)
  • Intern (a new film with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway, it was a good movie)
  • Pitch Perfect (I have seen it once, but since it includes a LOT of singing it was no problem for me to see it one more time)

I guess I slept around 5-6 hours on that flight.

Doha airport
We came to Doha Airport, Qatar, on schedule and there we had to wait for 8 hours until our next flight. What an airport! It seemed brand new, they even had train in there, so silent, that went on a schedule but it was probably just test drivning since no persons were on the trains and the seats were still wrapped in plastic. 🙂

Some Doha Airport snacks and drinks

Some Doha Airport snacks and drinks

We relaxed, had some sparkling wine (of course, it is a daily habit by now) and a banana milkshake, twice and did some small shopping. I bought a vase in silver and rosé and Jossan bought a silver vase with white stones and a silver plate. Very beautiful things.

Qatar Airways
Our flight from Doha to Stockholm left on time. Qatar Airways are really reliable, not like Jet Star, we never saw a plane from Jet Star actually leave on schedule. They were always late. But Qatar Airways, so good. Not as fancy boarding cards as Etihad (they had boarding cards in black and gold, OMG) but excellent service, great condition on the airplanes and great structure and routines at the gate. They actually divided the gate seats into zones and you saw on your boarding card what zone to wait in. And then they boarded the plane in zone order, from the back to the front. Just great for a Swede to experience (Swedes like good structure and control).

When speaking about Qatar Airways and great, their website is also excellent, at least what I have seen of it. So easy to mange your booking through it. Good work!

Stockholm Arlanda
The flight to Stockholm went really smooth. I looked at one episode of Friends and then slept the rest of the trip. :-O

In Stockholm it was a freezing -13 degrees. Brrrrrrrr. But I love it. But it was freezing when coming from a lot warmer temperature. We missed the 19.30 bus, saw the back of it, and had to wait an hour for the next bus. Jossan and me had a hot dog each and time really went fast. I promised myself Not to sleep on the bus to Västerås. It only takes 1h 45m so it should not be a problem. I slept the whole trip, hahahahaha.

Robin picked us up at the bus station, so very nice of him. And great to see him again. I froze right into my bones, I know, not an English expression. 😀

We came home and Robin stayed for a while and chatted a lot with Jossan. I unpacked close to all my stuff, did some blogging, took a shower and went to bed at 02.30.