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Today is our last day in Australia. We are leaving and we are bringing our daughter back home. Feels great. It is always the same, it is good to be away exploring other countries but then it is SO GREAT to come back home. Home, Sweet home!!

Breakfast at The Windsor Hotel
We had breakfast at the hotel, since it was complementary. The breakfast surroundings was great, with nice, calm piano music flowing out the speakers. Very relaxing. The breakfast though was not the best we have ever had. They had gluten free toasts, nothing else. But they had cappuccino and that I do like. 😀

After breakfast we followed Jossan to the bank. Her landlord finally got home from her trip and was able to look for Jossans disc drive AND she found it. Wohoooooo. So she is going to send it to Sweden and therefore she needed to transfer the shipping fee to her. Perfect, everything works out.

To the hairdresser and the movie theatre
Then we went the big shopping centre, Melbourne Centre, to the hairdresser and Jossan got a haircut for only 28 dollars. That is really cheap. After that we went to the movies at 14.00 and looked at the movie Dad. It is a comedy and we had a few laughter. I would give it maybe 5.5 on a scale of 10. My plan was to have a glass of red wine at the movies (since you can do that here) but at this very movie we were not able to buy wine, buhuhuhuhuhu. My plan cracked!

Our Melbourne favorite, the City Wine Shop
When leaving the movie we felt for having some wine so we visited the City wine Shop, our favorite, one last time. There we had wine and cheese. Mmmmmmm, so very good.

Some good wine from The Wine Store, our favorite in Melbourne

Some good wine from The Wine Store, our favorite in Melbourne

A selection of cheese

A selection of cheese

And some very tasty glutenfree crackers

And some very tasty gluten-free crackers

Taxi to the airport
Spent the last hours at the hotel, surfing, until 20.00. Then we took a taxi to the airport and this time the price was 54 dollars (we gave him 60). We talked to the concierge at the hotel about our first taxi trip in Melbourne on December 30, from the airport to the Hotel Windsor and told him that we had to pay 82 dollars and that the taxi driver actually stopped to get gas and soft drinks while we were still in the car. The concierge said to us that they have a HUGE problems with some dishonest taxi drivers, tricking Melbourne newcomers to pay a much higher price than normal. The taxi company name was Silvertop Cab. So if you use Silvertop Cabs in Melbourne, look out. All the drivers are not honest.

Our flight leaves from Melbourne to Doha at 23.55 so we spent a few hours at the airport, as well. Had Nasi Goreng, read, surfed and blogged and then we entered the airplane.