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Today we leave the northern part of Australia and we go down south, to Melbourne. Here we will stay for five nights and then we start our journey back home to good, old Sweden. BTW, I saw on Facebook that Sweden got its first snow yesterday. Seven centimetres. That’s great!! I think winter should be winter = cold and snowy, and there is definitely much more of a Christmas and New Years spirit when you have snow. Christmas in Australia just isn’t Christmas for me. Sorry all Aussies, but that is just the way it is.

We leave with Jet Star at 14.30 today so we actually did not have to hurry at all. First breakfast at Double Tree by Hilton, which unfortunately was very crappy. Longing for the Sheraton breakfast, which was the best breakfast during our whole trip. Just excellent!

Then we did the packing and we decided to check in 6 bags, since there were actually were able to check in more than one bag per person, as long as they did not exceed 30 kg. Our bags are really full and then they have a weight of around 23 kg, so it is almost impossible to press in 30 kg of clothes in them. They are too small for that.

The packing went well, we actually have some kilos left, but we have a bag check in limitation on our next flight, from Melbourne t o Stockholm via Doha. Then we are just able to check in one bag per person, so then we will have to pack really smart.

Took off to the airport. It is still raining cats and dogs. What a weather, and they have had it for a week. Lucky we did not plan to stay up in Cairns for a few days!

At the airport
Jörgen drove me to the drop off place and left me there with all the luggage. Then he and Jossan drove back and returned our rental car. That car has been great. DO not know if I have said it before but you sit really comfortable in it, even in the back seat.

We had a coffee and wrote bag tags for 45 minutes and then they opened the check in and we could get rid of our entire luggage. The boarding was a bit late, as always when you fly with Jet Star, apparently, but just about half an hour late. We “hit the air” at 15.00 and came to Melbourne approximately 3 hours later. Here it is one-hour time difference compared to Cairns so now we have a 10-hour difference to home.

Took a cab to the Hotel. It was a very nice, but kind of unorganized taxi driver that drove us. First he asked if it was OK for him to stop to get gas. There he filled up the car and also went to a shop to buy some soft drinks. Then he continued driving but forgot to start the meeter for a while. We all laughed about it, that this trip would be so very cheap for us. But then at the end, at Windsor Hotel, he started babbling about some parking fee etc. and said that the trip would be 82 dollars. I think he actually ripped us off since I read on the airplane that the taxi fee from the airport to Melbourne should be 60 – 70 dollars. SO he might not have been that nice anyway.

Windsor Hotel
At the Windsor Hotel, a man came out to our taxi and helped with the bags. He looked out in the straight air and mumbled and it took us a while to understand that he was talking to us. It looked as though he talked to some other person, a bit like a secret service man, haha. Both Jossan and me felt exactly the same. So strange.

The view from the entrance of our hotel

The view from the entrance of our hotel

Then we got to the reception and we were met by a nice and happy but the strange thing with him was that he had not even heard about the big fire along Ocean Road. He lives here and did not know about it?? 450 fire fighters are out there, trying to get control over the fire and he was like: Oh, My gosh, did not hear a thing about that. Hahahaha, maybe he is completely busy working, like in the song: I’ve got bills I have to pay, so I work, work, work every day, I’ve got mouths I’ve got ot feed, so I will make sure everybody eats. J

This hotel is OLD. It was built in 1883 and they have kept the old-fashioned style. It has very wide halls and stairs, high up to the sealing, and huge windows. But unfortunately there is no pool. L We got a rather spacious room but no view at all. The windows were “dimmed”, I guess to hide an ugly view! 😉

Installed us in the room and then went out to try to get some lunch/dinner. We walked and walked and looked at a lot of menus but we had a really hard time to agree on where to eat. When we finally decided to have Chinese food they said the kitchen was as good as closed. We went back to another restaurant that we thought had looked nice, but that kitchen was closed as well. SO, we ended up at a Parma place where they said: You have 5!! Minutes to decide what to eat, so we did our choices really quickly and got the food. Wohoooo!! And it was so good. Never had that kind of food before but according to Jossan it is really common and popular here in Australia. It is called Parma and you can chose from chicken, meat or vegi and then you get a huge portion of whatever choice you made buttered, with melted cheese on top accompanied by a fresh salad and French fries (they call it chips here). And some red wine to that, a super tasty meal.

After the dinner we went straight to bed. Was a bit hot during the night but apart from that I slept really well.