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Today we are leaving for Cairns, a road trip for about 700 km. I had the alarm on 06.55 and after about 15 minutes we all jumped up and started packing. We had a quick breakfast with hard bread, caviar, cheese, coke, water and orange juice. Posted two wrinkly postcards (have been to close to my bikinis) to mormor and farmor that I wrote back on Fraser, but had not yet posted. Probably we are back home before they arrive. ☹ But I have sent them 2 already and those they should have received by now. ☺

Jossan has checked the temperature in Melbourne. Tomorrow it will be 36 degrees and AND on New Years it will be…THIRTYNINE DEGRESS!! OMG, that is just terrible.

Left Airlie Beach Motor Lodge, and made a quick stop at Hungry Jacks (drive through) for a cappuccino, a flat white and a strawberry milkshake. The milkshake was delicious. ☺

The laziest farmers in the world
Right now, at 08.50 we are driving though “Sugar County”, as Athena explained to us. Here it rains quite a lot so it is very green and no problem to grow sugar cane. And there really are sugar cane fields everywhere. Athena said that sugar cane farmers are called “The laziest farmers” since they plant their sugar canes and then they will just have to wait for them to grow during 2 years, and then there is time to harvest, hahahaha. Great job!

Today Monsieur is driving, I am blogging and Mademoiselle it applying for jobs. All busy doing their stuff. At 10 we had a short pee stop and Jörgen wanted to change drivers, but we told him to go to the toilets and then he was not so tired anymore when coming back so he was able to drive for a bit more. And Jossan was very happy about that since she has a good Internet connection right now.

One rainy day
Rain, rain, rain, dark clouds mile after mile for a whole day. A complete shit weather and the temperature has now dropped to 24 degrees C. Had a stop at 15.30 at McDonalds and Subway to have a late lunch. And there they also had the McCafé. Josie says they have that all over Australia. Took a a look and they had 4 different gluten free cookies. Wohoooooooo! I bought a Raspberry Friand for 2,50. OMG, it was SO good. Had a taste of marzipan and I just loved it. Hope it comes to Sweden as well. Then hit the road again. Around here there are a lot of banana farms and it is really, really super green everywhere.

Came to Cairns at 16.45 and checked into The hotel Double Tree by Hilton. The man at the reception said that they have had this kind of weather for a week now.

Jossan rearranged all herr packing since now we are only allowed to have 3 bags with 30 kg each and then 3 cabin bags, 7 kg each. So a total of 111kg. Luckily I brought the travel scale from home so we could check the weight ourselves. I will do my packing changes tomorrow.