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Today it is time for a boat trip out to the Barrier Reef and Whitsunday’s. Had a mini breakfast on the balcony and then we got picked up by the company MantaRay outside our hotel at 07.15. Many Swedes on the tour, I think thee were nine of us. Then there were people from US, India, England etc. It was a whole day trip, from early morning until about 17.00 in the afternoon.

Like entering paradise
We started our journey towards Whitsunday’s and it took us a good 1.45 hours . It is cloudy today and a big risk for rain, but so far, no rain. Dimitri, our photographer guided us on the island and then we went down to the beach. The beach was completely stunning, sooo very beautiful. When we are in the water we need to have full cover wet suits because of the stinger/jelly fish season. We walked around in the bay and looked at all the stingrays in there. Marvellous. No sight of the Lemon shark though, they apparently hid from us. We stayed at Whitsunday’s for one and a half hour and I don’t think that I am lying when saying that this must be one of the most beautiful spots on the planet earth. If I would have worn a long, white, wind catching dress it would have been magic, as I would imagine it would be entering Paradise.

The great Andersson pose

The great Andersson pose

When back on the boat again we had lunch, a Mediterranean buffet. It was very good, I liked it. And they had also arranged gluten free alternatives for us. Perfect!

The captain was a funny guy. He presented the boat, the staff and the security instructions in such a great way, with a lot of humour. I really like that. It gets the group in a really good mood from start. All was great with the safety and the regulations on the boat. They really knew what they were doing, and it felt very safe.

Time to go snorkelling
Next stop was at the Barrier Reef. The captain anchored up the boat and then we went into shore in a small rubber boat. Then on with the mask and snorkel and off we went, into the ocean. The reef was AMAZING. So many beautiful colours, purple, blue, pink, green, yellow and white. The whole rainbow at the bottom of the ocean. The sight wasn’t as good as when we went snooba diving in Hawaii, you need to have full sunshine to have super clear site, but anyway. It is a fascinating world down there. The fear of sharks was just blown away, no thoughts at all of that.

Funny fishes

Funny fishes

We stayed snorkelling for about 2 hours, which was great. No rush, we had plenty of time to float around on our noodles. Well, this was not quite the truth when saying we. Jörgen snorkelled about 20 minutes, then he looked at the side and filled his snorkel and mouth with salt water, had a huge coughing attack, gave up and went to shore. Jossan stayed with me nearly all the time but took the same rubber boat as Jörgen back to the big boat. I stayed till the bitter end, until I thought that if I don’t get up now they will leave me here. I had a problem with my mask getting foggy all the time, but apart from that, AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! 😀

Dinner at Cactus Jack
Got back home and we all went straight in to the shower, so nice to get rid of all the salt water. I took the time to dye my hair as well, since the grey hairs have returned. Sounds like a movie: The return of the greys’, moahahahahahhaha. This time I made it in the colour “Dark chocolate” and it got dark. No problem for me, nice with a change. ☺

When I was ready we went down to Cactus Jack at Airlie Beach Hotel and had dinner. Everybody was very satisfied with the food. I hade nachos (like if I would take ANYTHING else when going to a Mexican restaurant = not a chance), Jörgen had chilli and Jossan had a steak with bea, corn and a salad.

Blogging time in the evening
Jörgen and me went up to the reception area to get some connection. To the Internet, I mean. 😉 Right when we sat there we hard a BIG crash, KABOOOOM. It must have been a cocoanut falling down from one of the trees. OMG, if someone would have passed there that very moment they would really have passed… away… forever.
Then Jörgen went to the room, really fast so he wouldn’t get hit by a new cocoanut falling down and Jossan came out, to use Jörgens computer. We are one computer short since Jossans computer has crashed some weeks ago, and we all have our missions. Jörgen is checking his mail, paying bills, managing the firm and checking out FB. Me, I am checking my mail, blogging and making some updates on FB/LinkedIn. Jossan is applying for jobs. Sitting out here, we are accompanied by the sound of kakaduus and toads. We also have a small gecko running around our feet. ☺

Went to bed at 23.00. Oh my gosh, that was extremely late for being us on this vacation. What has happened?? Maybe we are automatically adjusting our bedtime towards midnight to be able to stay awake at New Years Eve in Melbourne!!?? 😉