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Woke up in Airlie Beach. Strange to think about that the people here have their ordinary, normal life in the places we just visit for vacation. How most of the time destiny decides where you end up. And sometimes you yourself when making life changing decisions.

We went to xxxxx to have some breakfast since we heard they had a lot of gluten free stuff but they were closed on Sundays. SO then we kep on walking and ended up at another café and they had both gluten free toast and home made gluten free musli. Perfect.

Where do all this grey hair come from
After breakfast Jossan and I went to some shops and Jörgen went home. I bought hair colour. It is really about time to do something about that grey line in my hair that for some reason keeps coming back! ☹ This time it will be Dark Chocolate. We’ll see how that looks, my plan is to do it Monday evening, if I have the strength to do it after a whole day at sea (we are going out on a boat tour tomorrow).

Eco Jet ski tour
Today is the day for going Jet skiing. At 11 Athena, from Eco Jet ski, picked us up at Down Under and then she drove us to the Jet ski beach, approximately 40 minutes from Airlie Beach. It was we and another family of four that were going out on the tour and Colin was our guide. We jumped into our wet suits, put sunscreen no 50 on, and then went down to the beach. There Colin had a lecture on how to drive a Jet ski and then he took each driver out on his Jet ski, to demonstrate all the “How to’s”.

Soon ready to go out on a jet ski tour

Soon ready to go out on a jet ski tour

Colin, our jet ski tour guide

Colin, our jet ski tour guide

Too much excitement
And then out we went. Jossan and Jörgen drove at first and I sat behind on Jossans jet ski. Is kind of tricky until you get the feeling for how to do and most importantly, what not to do. NEVER slow down when turning, this will make the jet ski flip. In the beginning we went out on “open water2 but after a while we got in to more narrow passages. Then Colin stops and tell us that we are in “gator land”, which means that this is the territory of the alligators. OMG!!! He said that they would be asleep during day time and that they also already heard us long before we got there so we were not to worry. HA! Easy for him to say. Those 30 minutes in the alligator area was just terrifying. The only thing I could think of was the guy that was eaten by an alligator just the other year. Holy crap, this is much too exiting for me.

Jörgen prepping for some action

Jörgen prepping for some action

Then we left the “swamp” area and then, back on open water, I got to drive. Really cool, but in the beginning yu feel rather unstable. Especially if you get some waves from the other guys around you. Svallvågor, I mean. 😉 We also stopped at a small reef to snorkel a bit but we did not see much. Not much is like NOTHING. Jossan and me did not swim far enough and Jörgen found out that even though he actually had shaved off his mustasch this time, to be able to snorkel, he could not do it. He can’t see without his glasses. He would need special googles to be able to see under water. My God, this snorkling thing just isn’t ment for him. ☺

Came back around 17.00 and then we sat down and chatted a bit with the other family and had a drink. Really nice and relaxing. Then Athena drove us back home to the hotel.

Great safari experience on our way back home
On the way back home I told her we had not seen any live kanguroos so far and she promised me we would see some. And YES we sure did. First we saw 3 kangaroos. Athena turned the car around and went back so we could see them really close. It was great. Then we saw another one, just after a few more km. He sat right beside the road, so cute. Athena backed up so we could have a clos look. Loved it!!

We also saw two big eagles on our way back home and also some farmer making some controlled bush fires. Athena also spotted to black kaka doos and she told us that seeing black kaka doos, it means there will be rain. What a fantastic safari trip we had back home. ☺ Thanks a million, Athena!! 😀

Came back to the hotel, took a shower and then we ate leftovers from yesterday and the day before, pizza and thai chicken. MUMS!

Did some blogging, checked out Facebook and went to bed at 22.00 (then both Jossan and Jörgen were already asleep). Tomorrow it is time for a new adventure. A boat trip out to the barrier reef. Hope the weather will be good, they say it will be rain AND we saw black kakadoos. ☹