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Had the alarm on 07.00 since today is a 535 km long ride day. In the car once again for over 6 hours. What a drag! L The only good thing about that is that I acturally get to do all the blogging I have not had time tpo do earlier

Left Villa Capri and went a few hundred meters to a gas station and had some breakfast there. They had no gluten free bread or sandwiches, so I took scramble eggs with bacon. It was served with a hot tomato and toasts. Could not eat the toast, not gluten free. Does not like hot tomatoes. The bacon was too thick and fat. I don’t like eggs, hahahahhahahaha. So, nothing heavenly about that meal. At all. At 08.50 we were on our way toward Airlie Beach.

Blogging in the back seat of the car

Blogging in the back seat of the car

Night time surfing
Spend one hour during the night checking my private mail since my mailbox is completely FULL and the Internet connection we have had before have been really crappy. At the Villa Casa the speed was quite OK, actually best so far in Australia, if I am not mistaken. Even better than the speed of the Internet at Noosa Sheraton. I would imagine that Sheraton should have great speed, but nope, they did not.

Also looked up the shark situation in Australia throughout the years. If the page was correctly updated, there are somewhere between 3-5 shark attacks per year that results in plain and complete death. Ughhhhhh!!! And still people go snorkelling in these waters, like we are going to do in one or two days. Very doubtful if it is really worth the risk. But apparently there have been very few attacks at The Barrier Reef. Not sure at all that I feel safer after reading all that info. Very few is not zero. L

09.05 – One dead kangaroo on the road.

09.20 – Dead kangaroo number 2 on the road

09.55 – Kangaroo number 3 on the road. This one, dead as well

Actually, I haven’t seen any living kangaroo at all on this Australia trip, just dead ones. Had a short Number 1and 2 stop at a gas station and then off we went again. 😉

The temperature is getting higher and higher the further up north we drive. Kind of backwards for a Swede. 😉 Today it is 32 degrees at 10 o’clock.

10.19 – Dead K no 4

10.35 – Skippy no 5, “murder-death-kill” by the side of the road (do you remember what movie that expression, “murder-death-kill”, comes from)?? 😉

Noticed a heard of some really skinny cows along the road. Either they were starving or this was some special kind of cows!? But if you ask me, I’d go for the starving explanation. You could see their ribs and bones right through the skin. Horrible!! After travelling some more km the cows looked normal again. Maybe time for an inspection at that particular Aussie farmer!

10.43 – K no 6, not alive

11.28 – One more dead kangaroo

This makes seven dead kangaroos in 2,5 hours and 250 km. Either they have many more road kills with kangaroos in AU compared to our Swedish road kills of deers. Or the hunters wait here in AU for some more days than they do in Sweden before they go and pick them up. Whatever the cause is, it is still so sad to see that many dead animals on the road.

At around 12 we passed through a small towns like Sarena and Mackay. Apart from some small town here and there, the roads are long, straight and surrounded by fields and trees. All looking the same. Feels a bit like Norrland (the northern part) in Sweden, just hotter. There is a big risk of getting tired and falling asleep. They actually have signs here where they offer you free coffee just so you should be able to stay awake. That is a great idea! J Could be something for Sweden to copy, to help promote the vision of zero deaths on the roads (Nollvisionen).

It is now 13.30 and the temperature is 35 degrees C. We have had a lovely dinner at Bann-Na Thai Restaurant in Mackay. Great food for only 58 dollars for three persons.

Josie spotted 2 more dead kangaroos in the afternoon.

Airlie Beach Motor Lodge
At around 15.30 we arrived at Airlie Beach Motor Lodge, situated close to the centre of Airlie Beach. We got room number 9.

Jossan and me went to the pools downtown to get some sun and Jörgen stayed in the room.

Later on in the evening we went to Airlie Beach Hotel and had some dinner. They had gluten free pizzas and lots of good stuff on the menu so we were all satisfied.

Gluten free pizza at Airlie Beach Hotel

Gluten free pizza at Airlie Beach Hotel

We all went to bed at 21.00….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz