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Got to sleep until 06.00. Then Clint walked around in the camp with his portable speaker, playng that special kind of Aborigine “swishing” music (when they swing a string with a wooden thing at the end around their heads which makes a really special sound).

Camp breakfast and then we left the camp for the last time at approximately 08.15. Made a short stop at a café, an opportunity for us all to get some real coffee (the camp coffee is not much to hang in the Christmas tree, as we say in Sweden). 😉 Also some things that are hard to find on this island are proper, fresh toilets. Very rare and therefore so hard to find.

Lake McKenzie
Then we drove inland on the island, for the first time. Really narrow roads and all made out of sand. So curvy and so bumpy. Jörgen just loved it! 😀 Drove some good 45 minutes and then we came to Lake McKenzie. OMG, such a beautiful place. A big sea on the island, so clear water and the bottom is just plain wonderful sand.


Beautiful Lake McKenzie

Beautiful Lake McKenzie

Rain forest
We stayed there for a bit more than an hour and then we continued our drive, right into the rain forest. The trees in here are enourmous and they have so many strange kinds, gum trees, eucalyptus, some special kind of pines, and many, many more. Took a walk in the rain forest and looked at the trees, the bamboo (huge), the creek with super clear water, saw a cacadoo (flying around, screaming very loud).

Big trees in the rain forest

Big trees in the rain forest

The lunch was looked away in a cage during our walk, because of the dingo danger, and when we came back for lunch all the tables were already taken so we had to get our towels and sit under the pines, in the shadow. And for lunch we had….tada…the very same lunch as every day. Salad in a wrap. I don’t mind salad but would have been nice with some more variation.

All food needs to be locked in cages to prevent the dingos from eating it

All food needs to be locked in cages to prevent the dingos from eating it

Back to Rainbow beach and Noosa
After the lunch we got back on the road again and headed for the ferries. When we came to the first one, there was many cars waiting in line so we did not get on that one so we had to wait for the next one. Took some 30 minutes. We were on a tight schedule since some of the people in the group had a bus to catch in Rainbow beach. At ferry number two, the 2-minutes ferry, all went good until the last few meters of sand. There the sand were SUPER loose. All the cars made it but ours. We got stuck. Jörgen tried to reverse and then drive again but no, he had to give up. Then we realized that we had to get out and pushed. And so we did. We pushed, and pushed, and pushed. And we, the Dream Team, made it. We got the landrover on track again, but with the loss of jossans flip-flop. I lost mine as well, but that we could find. Jossans shoe was buried in the sand. We searched for a short while but we had to give up, due to the tight schedule.

We made it to Rainbow beach, only 5 minutes before the bus would leave. Perfect timing. SO there we said bye, bye and some people from the group left for new adventures.

The rest of us continued back to Noosa, using a lot of dusty gravel roads. Fun driving, appreciated by Jörgen. ☺ Said good bye to Bella and Fredrik, that had stayed in our car most of the time. Said bye, bye to Stephano from Venezuela/Italy as well and also said fare well to the two Swedish girls (a pre-school teacher and an IT consultant) from Stockholm. Very few people in the group we really got to know by name. I guess it takes more than three days when the group is as large as 30 persons.

A tip to the organizer of these trips, DropBearAdventures, is to, at some point, let everybody make a short presentation of themselves, just name, country and their vacation planes in AU would be nice.

Home, sweet home = Sheraton
Came back to the hotel at around 18.30. Sandy and dirty and in BIG need of a bathroom. Lovely to be back at Sheraton again. The rooms are really great, very spacious and with comfortable beds. Had dinner at the hotel restaurant. VERY friendly and efficient personnel but the food was not that good, except Jossans dish (snapper in curry sauce with rice) which was really good. The wine was delicious, white wine from NZ and red wine from Rioja, France.

Was super exhausted so we went to bed extra early. As if this would have been different from any other nights, hahahaha.