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Today we had a beach day. We started off by going to a super healthy breakfast place, 10 minutes by car from our hotel. The name of the café was Grocer & Grind and the target group was modern, healthy people. All there was focused on what is best for your body. Many super healthy juice mixes, gluten free waffles and pancakes, chia puddings etc. Jossan had a spinach and goat cheese tart that she loved very much. Breakfast for 3 was 83.50 dollars so not a low budget place.

Jossan then showed us a few different favourite spots of hers. We went where the flood meets the sea and we also drove up to a place where you can stand with one foot in Queensland and the other in New South Wales (was that the name of the county??). Do not know, my knowledge about the Australian geography is not 100%. BUT I am getting better. ☺

Went back to the hotel and had the Thai leftovers from the other night, mmmmmm, soooo good, and then we went to Cotton On and bought three beach towels. Happens EVERY vacation, shopping for towels. And then we always say, oh, well, we can through them away before we leave and then we ALWAYS bring them back home, for some strange reason. 😀

Jossan packed her 20 kg box “to send over seas”. She has so many things to bring back home as you might understand. The rest of her things we are hoping to manage. Time will tell how that ends up! 😉

Jörgen and I went down to the Surfers beach and spent about 45 minutes there, just to get the feeling to last a bit longer. We wouldn’t have mind spending one or two weeks here at Surfers. It is a very nice and beautiful place. At the beach I finished reading Jussie Adler-Olsens book The woman in the room. This is his first book of 8 in the series about department Q. This book was excellent. I loved it. Carl Mörck is such a character, not to mention Assadh. Even more of a character! And he is kind of mysterious. I did not bring the second book of his, shit, shit, shit, why didn’t I. I left it at home, silly me!!! ☹