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This day was just a day of traveling

From Raglan to Auckland
We had breakfast outside, packed everything, took a super quick stroll on the beach (like 2 minutes) and then took the van to the dump station and then off we went. We had approximately 140-150 km to Auckland, so not that much of a drive.

Left the car at the Maui car rental shop and then jumped on the bus to the airport.

From Auckland to Gold Coast
Had a quick and smooth check-in and then luckily we did not have a gate number. Why is that so lucky, you wonder. Well, my husband is of the kind that ALWAYS needs to see the gate. If he has not seen the gate, he cannot relax. But now there was no gate number so it was impossible for him to stress to the gate and, he just had no choice but to sit down and wait for the screen to get updated. Hahahaha, perfect for me because that gave me the opportunity to go shopping, without him sighing and complaining about this and that!

No big shopping though, I bought a necklace made of leather and bone, and I then got a necklace for free. I also went to the wool shop and checked out the price for a Panda fur, all made of black and white fur. I asked for the price and it was 4000 dollars. But it was really beautiful.

The Panda fur, price = 4000 dollars

The Panda fur, price = 4000 dollars

Also looked at a lovely cape, made by alpaca wool and fur and the price for that one was 870 dollars. Expensive but my God, was it gorgeous!

When we finally got a gate number our flight with Jet Star was delayed around 1,5 hours and NO information what so ever about the delay and why and maybe a small: We are sorry. But no, nothing until on-board the plane, then the captain actually said he was sorry. Jossan had to go ask what was happening and she just got a vague “We are a bit late” kind of answer.

From Gold Coast to Surfers Paradise
The captain made a perfect landing, super smooth, and all our luggage came really quick. GREAT! Then we went to Hertz to get our car, a Nissan Cougera. That car is a mini suv and I love it. SO quite and large inside, you can pack a lot in the back of the car and the backseat is spacy and comfortable. And the colour is silver, me like!!! 😀

Drove by Maffes apartment to get all of Jossans luggage (huge pile of luggage) and there we got to meet both maffei and Margarita. Nice! ☺

After that, off to our hotel, Mantra at the Circle of Cavill. Jossan had booked that hotel for us and our apartment is perfect. One bedroom, one living room with integrated kitchen/kitchenette, one big bathroom, and then one bed sofa, close to in an own room as well. And a balcony towards the sea and glass everywhere, even between the bedroom and the bathroom. 😉