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It is raining. A lot. Had breakfast INSIDE the van for the very first time. Is this really NZ summer? If the weather in the world are “political” coordinated, no wonder NZ are part of the Common Wealth, they sure do have the very same weather as in Great Britain. 😉

Took a shower and then we went to the reception to get our money back for Jossan. Here at all the camping areas you pay per person and Jossan has not spent one single night in the van while we have been here. Her nights have been spent at the hospital at a much higher cost than the camping rate. I hope everyone realise how important it is to have a good travel insurance. The first appointment at the doctor was 100 dollars and when we got to the hospital, to the emergency, the minimal cost just to get checked up in there was 400 dollars. And then you can imagine the rest of the cost for the surgery and everything else. It will be a HUGE bill!

Since the weather is so utterly boring, Jossan is at the hospital and I have a cold, I had to make myself a bit happier so I X-mas pimped the van today. ☺ Jörgen just sighs when I do this, but I must have a bit of Christmas spirit here in NZ as well. It is kind of hard to get the right feeling when it is summer all around, although a rainy one, but now at least we have some decorations in the front of the van. We just need to add some Christmas music and then we are on track! 😀 Hahahahahaha.

X-mas pimping the van

X-mas pimping the van

Our plan today was to go to the geyser but apparently we do not have the weather gods with us.

We visited Jossan twice today, as usual. First we went up there between 11.30 and 13.00 and then in the afternoon approximately 17.00 – 19.00. She is doing better today. Her blood pressure is still very low, 91/51, doesn’t say much to me but they are concerned about it here so it must be low. But she is not dizzy and she has got good colour and normal heart beat, so that keeps them calm…but they are still checking her a lot. She took a shower in the morning and when we left in the afternoon she had walked in total 8 times around the reception and the corridors. Really great!! But she has severe pain in one shoulder but that was quite normal according to the staff, had to do with them adding some fluids or something when they took her to surgery. But the pain in the stomach is better, although she is swollen, but I guess that is rather normal after removing the appendix.

Between our Jossan visits we went to the the geyser Te Puia. Looked at the geyser, had an ice cream, visited the Mauri cultural show (singing, dancing and juggling). I liked it, Jörgen was sceptic (as he usually is to these kind of shows). Tried to have a look at two Kiwi birds but it was so very dark, we could not see a thing. And the guide told us they were sleeping, so there was nothing to see. 😦 I bought a Kiwi necklace to Jossan from there and one for me as well.

A Maurii guy trying to scare me off

A Maurii guy trying to scare me off

In the evening we got, guess what?? Yes, that’s right, pizza from Pizza Hut again. This time we ordered two Hawaii (only 10 dollar in total, soooo cheap) and the plan is to have some left overs till tomorrow (and the plan worked). Had a beer with that when we got back home to the camping ground.

Did some laundry late in the evening (late = 21.00, hahahahaha) since Jossan will be coming “home” tomorrow. Do not want a newly operated Jossan on dirty, old sheets and in a used pyjamas. Now everything will be fresh and clean.

Nighty night! 😀 Tomorrow we will visit the Polynesian SPA, if the time allow us to do so.