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Woke up at 06.00. Jossan still is in pain but far from as heavily as last night. But she has had a hard time sleeping, aching stomach and aching back from laying down too much. We had breakfast outside as usual, no sea view this morning though, but warm and nice. Jossan just had a cup of tea and some yoghurt.

After breakfast, Jörgen and me took a walk on Waihi beach. Soo very beautiful. Just think about having a house near the ocean. Must be fantastic to be able to take a morning dip in the sea every day you wake up. And then do some on-the-beach-yoga. I Found a lot of seashells, black and grey ones, so lovely. I just love seashells. Collected around 15 of them and, of course, got questioned about it from my dear husband. I just answered: You collect military vehicles! I collect stones and seashells. What is the difference, we are both collectors!! My collections are just not as expensive and “storage demanding” as yours! 😉 Discussion closed! 😀

I am a collector :-)

I am a collector 🙂

Rotorua, here we come
Left the Waihi camping ground a bit after 10 and then we took off towards Rotorua, the smelly part of the Northern island in New Zealand. The driving distance today will be around 110 km. Just a few km from the camping I saw the first vineyards. And they just kept on coming. Maybe we are entering the vineyard area now? Stopped after a while and bought diesel and ice-creams and then we continued the trip.

We got to the camping at around 12.30. Area number 36 is ours here at Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park and we started with getting rid of all the garbage, emptying the toilet and filling up the water tank. Then we went to the doctor with Jossan.

We entered the waiting room at 13.15 and we got an appointment at 14.00. Everybody here are dressed in normal clothes so it is kind of difficult to see who is working here and who is not. A doctors appointment cost 100 dollars for foreigners like us.

What is it with the Wallin family, New Zealand and appendixes?
Well, to make a long story short, they suspected inflammation in the appendix so Jossan ended up in the hospital. They made the same diagnose there so at around 21.00 we left her there. Then she was still in the emergency area, waiting to be transported up to the “ward”. She texted us later on in the evening, telling us that there would be no operation that day. They had too much to do so they were planning on doing her operation the next day. Poor Jossan, really bad luck that this has to happen to her during our vacation.

My cold is getting worse but who am I to complain about a shitty cold when Jossan has such a hard time, waiting for surgery at the hospital.

Texted my brother and told him about Jossan and the operation since he travelled on a job to NZ many, many years ago and ended up in the hospital then, having appendix surgery. He answered that Jossan now is in the same town and the same hospital where he removed his appendix several years ago. What are the odds for that???

And BTW, they are really sneaky on the WiFi here at all the campings. Just half an hour for free and then you have to start paying. Me no like!! 😦