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This night we had the heater on so it was much warmer than last night. Not easy being a beginner of the motor home way of living but we are learning more about it every day.

Went for a shower at 07.30 and then we had breakfast, the best meal of the day according to me. It was sunny and we have a beautiful view, looking out over the sea in front of us. Magic. And the coffee is getting better every day, as well. The first morning we had instant coffee but then we found this special kind of “glass brewing can” so we bought the real stuff and made real coffee. Today the coffee was perfect, I made it with five tablespoons of coffee and a full can of water. Mmmmmmm.

After breakfast we started packing everything and then we went to the “service area” to do things like filling up the water tank, emptying the urine tank, etc. etc. and then at 10 o’clock we started our trip back south. Today we have a really long way to go, approximately 400 km, ughhh, it will be a full day in the van. Lucky enough it is cloudy, I would hate to be in the car for a whole day if the weather was warm and sunny.

Nothing much happened this day, it was a travel day. We passed through Auckland again and there we stopped at the car rental company to get a new table with more than half the legs, hahahaha, and also to get the wifi set to start from scratch. The very first time we started up the wifi, it said: You have used all available MB, please buy more if needed. And we hadn’t even been connected once. So they fixed that for us and now it is working.

Hot Water Beach
Spent the night at the Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park. Cost = 75 dollars for 3 persons. Went to bed early, as we do every night. I love to go to bed and sleep, it is so good to sleep well.