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Woke up at 05.30 and it was freezing in the van. Every part of you had to be under the duvet or you would get frost bit (well, close to anyway). 😉

Beautiful trees in New Zealand

Beautiful trees in New Zealand

Bay of Island tour to The hole in the rock
Had an early breakfast and then we drove downtown and bought ticket for a boat trip around the Bay of Islands. It was a half day trip and we went all the way to The hole in the rock and back. It was cloudy so it was rather chilly and no one even thought about going into the water for a swim. We saw a lot of dolphins, so cute. They had one baby dolphin in the pact, only a few weeks old and we floated around them (with the boat) for maybe 30 minutes. So cool.

We also had a barbecue buffet on one of the islands, with chicken and pork and some salads. We were freezing the whole dinner, we should have brought more clothes to this chilly island. Brrrrrrr.

At around 13.00 we were back in the harbor and then we went shopping for some groceries. Chicken, cole slow and a new red wine from NZ. Hope this one is better than the last one.

Had som resting time in the van in the afternoon, very nice. Time for blogging and reading. And sleeping. I have started reading the book “Britt-Marie var här”, a book of the same author as the book “En man som hette Owe”., a book that I just loved. He describes really odd and special people in a so very special kind of way. I did not bring that book myself, a Swedish girl heard that we were Swedish and came over and asked if we wanted to have four books since she had read them all and did not want to bring them back home to Sweden. And of course I said YES and thank you. Perfect for us.

Britt-Marie var här av Fredrik Backman

Britt-Marie var här av Fredrik Backman

After maybe two hours of afternoon napping we took a walk on a nearby uphill trail, overlooking the sea. Really beautiful, soft ground and surrounded by bamboo and lots of other tropical plants and trees. My guess is that the walk was around 3 km. Unfortunately I forgot to start Run keeper from start, otherwise I would have known the exact number of meters. ☹

When back from the walk, Jossan and I had a cider each. Mmmmmm, really good. We ate chicken, strips and cole slow for dinner and a new red wine from NZ. This one was better than the last one, but nothing close to a dream wine. Josephine had lasagne.

Nightly stock market adventure
This night I woke up at around 04.00 and then I realized I had gotten some money from my last “foundation”??? sale. Time to buy some stocks. Logged in to avanza.se and took a look at the stock market and all figures on the Stockholm Stock Market were red = had gone down, so it was time to do some investment. 😀 So, said and done, I bought some more Atlas Copco, Tobii and TC Tech. TC Tech is a newly introduced stock and it has increased more than 100% since I bought the first batch, a few days ago. Payed 24 SEK/stock then and now they are worth around 58SEK/stock. Should have bought stocks for 10 million kronor and sold for 20 million. Hahahahahaha.