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Woke up in Orewa at 07.00 and had breakfast outside. Overlooking the sea. Lovely. Took a 5 km stroll on the beach, lots seashells, some other mornings strollers and their dogs. Great start of a new day.

Lovely morning beachwalk at Orewa

Lovely morning beach walk at Orewa

The Orewa beach was filled with sea shells

The Orewa beach was filled with sea shells

Left the camping ground and then started our trip up north. The surroundings here look fantastic, all green hills but no sheep at sight so far! Where are they??

Jörgens is driving. I actually have no desire of driving, the van is HUGE and you have to drive on the wrong side of the road. And Jossan, who is used to drive on the wrong side, is not allowed to drive this kind of car. You need to be 25 years old.

The van is great except for the backseat. Not comfortable at all. I had to rebuild it and then it became acceptable, much more comfy.

Took about half an hour and then I saw the first sheep and after that I have seen a lot of them. They are everywhere! 🙂

Todays drive ended in Paihia, a cute little town up north. We parked our van on a camping site called xxxxx. The price for 2 nights was 138 dollar, more expensive than Orewa that only cost 60 dollar for a night (20 dollar per person).

Now it is five o’clock and Jörgen and Jossan are both sleeping so I guess I will put away my computer as well and take a short nap. That is the beauty of vacation, you can do whatever you please! 😉

Jossan woke us up at 19.00 and then we jumped up and took a simple dinner with red and white wine. The white was better than the red wine, but none of the wines were great.

At the camping outside Paihia

At the camping outside Paihia

Took a shower at 21.30, soooo nice, and then helped Jossan with some preparations for an upcoming interview for a job. Fell asleep at 23.30.