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Today we started our trip to New Zealand and Australia, to participate in our daughters’ graduation at Griffith University in Gold Coast.

These last two weeks has been just crazy with activities and I think I have never been this unprepared for a trip as this time. Birthdays, Christmas parties, other parties, so unbelievably much has happened.

This morning I woke up at 07.15 and then the day was just filled with preparations for the trip. And Monsieur had a meeting today from 08.30 – 12.00, so crazy tempo in to the bitter end. 😉

Arlanda – London – Hong Kong
13.00 we took a cab to the bus station and then the bus to Arlanda. First stop was London and that trip was with British Airways went really well. A short stop there, approximately 2 hours and then off to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific. First flight had better space for legs but this one had better screens. I had pre-ordered gluten free meals and this worked just fine, but as always, flight food is flight food. Most of the time very boring.

Time to faint?
On the flight to Hong Kong we had red wine with the dinner and it took maybe one hour, then Jörgen said: Uh uh, I am not feeling so well. Sweating and dizzy eyes. OMG, he was about to faint as he has done so many times before on flight trip. He laid down and fortunately, it all went away and after a while he was OK again. He really has to stay off ALL alcohol when flying. It is his low blood pressure that causes this in cooperation with alcohol (which lowers the blood pressure even more).