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I wrote this short article after I have heard that people were searching the Internet looking for Arthur Pe, Kolbäck and his beautiful candlesticks in brass, but finding nothing. That is why I have written this short piece so that people at least get to know Arthur and his artwork a bit more than before.

Arthur Pe, Kolbäck, 1919 – 2015, worked with brass, and designed candlesticks from the early 1950. He was born in Kolbäck and he lived there all his life. His carrier started at Metallverken where he got in contact with three men that had been working at Skultuna, a famous brass company outside Västerås, close to Kolbäck. These men were molding brass on their breaks during the workday. Arthur got interested and started lathing brass during his breaks, as well. And from there it just went on. People started to show interest in his work, the business grew and after some time he transferred his garage into a workshop.

All the candlesticks was made by Arthur in this private workshop of his. He went there every day of his life, he always worked alone and he never retired, he just kept on doing what he loved the most, creating brass candlesticks. He made a lot of different designs during the years but I actually have no idea how many different designs he made in total. It must be at least around 30 or 40 (and now I am only guessing).

Arthur was my uncle and I got my first candlesticks made by him when I was three months old and baptized together with my cousin in their home.

In case you know swedish, here you will find an article from August 23, 2014, about Arthur and his work.