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I got suggestions from my friends of what to do with all the sweet cherries I have in my garden. The solution was to make a Rumtopf. You simply take a nice looking can (I took what I had, an IKEA can), add the berries in it, pour in some sugar (I took fruit sugar, you could also use muscavado sugar or ordinary white sugar) and then top with rum. And voila, the Rumtopf is ready. Well, not ready, it needs to be stored in about 4 month before consuming and you also need to turn the can over at least once a week until the suger has “disappeared/melted”.

This is what I did.

620 g berries
300 g sugar
Fill up with some good old rum.

My very best rum, Pyrat Rum

I took my very best rum, Pyrat Rum (SOB)

Rumtopf, summer in a can

Rumtopf, summer in a can

Delete the cherry core (I forgot to do that, but that is a future problem for the month of November 😉 ) and put the cherries in the can. Add the sugar and then pour over the tasty rum. The rum should cover the berries. Put the can in a dark and cool spot, for example in the fridge. Don’t forget to carefully “jiggle” the can once a week.

As the berries and fruits continues to ripe in your garden during the summer, you can just go on adding the new fruit/berries, more sugar and of course, more of that good old rum. Then leave in the cool place for four months and by November/December you can enjoy a delicious dessert, serving the berries with whipped cream and a nice glass of rum on the side.

I sacrificed the only rom I had, my favorite Pyrat Rum, so this Rumtopf better be darn good! Well, well, we’ll see at the end of November. Until then, it will just rest in my fridge.