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I just loooove these days when you have a long nothing-special-to-do vacation. Then I finally can take the time to start (and sometimes finish) projects.

The lamp project
One project right now is this old-fashioned lamp from around 1960. It used to be my parents but now, since my mother has moved from our old house and into an appartment, she had no room for this lamp.

The beautiful lamp that I am about to restore

The beautiful lamp that I am about to restore

And I just love it. I am going to repair it so it has the same look and feel as it used to have from the beginning. And the way to do that is to use plastic ribbons. I ordered the ribbons today and as soon as the lamp is ready, I will show you the result.

But to be real honest, I actually like the looks of it right now. Kind of a naked and beautifully strict design!

Mr Andersson, no 2
I got the most perfect christmas gift this year. An extra Mr Andersson. So now I’ve got two!! The second Mr Andersson will be taking care of my feet. Tried him out today and I sure can say he is doing the job like a real man. After his treatment I had feet smooth as a baby. Sooo, no doubt about it, he is already a complete member of the family, mostly due to the beautiful name but also for his excellent scills. 😉

The Andersson foot bath

I am proud to present: Mr Andersson No 2