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Today it is the first day of 2015. Exiting to see what this year will bring. I hope for a great, healthy and enjoyable year!

We have had a very lazy day. Well, at least me, Monsieur worked a couple of hours up in the attic. The door in to the storage room is mounted now, so great. I was thinking about taking a walk since my back is kind of “weak” since Dec 29, but it was a really shitty weather today, so I did some indoor training instead.

In the evening we went to the movies, to finally see Interstellar. I liked it, even though it was a space movie (not my favorite kind of movie). But it was good. It lasted for 2h 49m but it did not feel that way. Not sure though that I got the whole story, some parts are still question marks to me. 🙂

Came back home at 00.30, played a few Ruzzle games and then went to sleep.