Tomorrow it is time to go back to work. Feels totally unreal!! After eight weeks of adventure I think it would be really good to get some true vacation. Just relaxing, stroll around the house, doing nothing at all.

All the impressions from the trip is starting to feel distant so it I guess it was a good idea to blog during the adventure so I have the possibility to return there whenever I want to! 🙂

Route 66 The Andersson Style
Thought that I might put together a small list of what was good/what was not that good as a reminder for ourselves in case we should get the crazy idea to do something similar in the future …or to help you other guys if you plan a trip like ours.

What was not so good

  • The car was too old
  • The car was crappy
  • The car leaked which made ALL our luggage wet
  • It was impossible to talk in the car. Well, you could talk but nobody would ever hear you.
  • The air condition did not work 😦
  • You had to slam the doors to be able to close them. Normally they wouldn’t close until the fourth try.
  • The car leaked break oil
  • The car only had seven working cylinders
  • The weather was way too hot for a Swede
  • The total lack of sidewalks in US. You risk your life when walking, and as a Swede, you actually do WANT to WALK!!
  • My credit card was copied or skimmed or something after just 2-3 weeks = confiscated by the bank so I could not use it at all. So, be careful when using your cards!!

What was good

  • The country, loved travelling in US, beautiful
  • The roads are so great, Americans really know their road building stuff
  • Cheap gas (for a Swede) 😉
  • The oil was really cheap
  • The nachos, OMG, so good
  • The tires on the car were new
  • The landscape was different from state to state, beautiful
  • People actually talk to you in the elevator, so very nice
  • The cheese cake factory (we have nothing like that in Sweden)
  • River rafting in Grand Canyon. If you get the chance, just DO IT!!
  • Loved the sandy beaches, both on the west coast and on the east coast
  • The ocean, clear and warm water, lovely
  • No bedbugs (even though we stayed at over 20? different hotels)
  • The seats in the car were very comfortable
  • Sooo great shopping (makeup, jeans, shoes etc)
  • Chicago, what a great city. Loved downtown, the lake, the weather, the restaurants, the people, the flower and plant decorations around the city, the impressive buildings.

But the most important thing was that we got:

We got to spend valuble family time together and we got so many good memories that will last a lifetime 🙂