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A must have!

A must have!


Found a place to stay drink

Monsieur and I went to the Aventura mall today to do some last day shopping. Bought a Brighton bracelet and also earrings. Finally. I have been looking at things at Brighton at least three times in three different cities. 🙂 Bought deodorant as well, at Macys. Talked to the staff there and they told me there would be a 25% discount on EVERYTHING in the store tomorrow (except parfume and watches). Great, then we have to go back tomorrow to buy the bags. A lot of money to save there!

Prosecco time
Celebrated, with Prosecco, the fact that Jossan and Feliks now, at last, have found a place to stay. It has not been easy, it is much easier to find an apartment in Australia, and it is very expensive in Miami, as well. But now it is all set, jihaaaaaaa!!!! SKÅL!!:-)