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Had the most wonderful breakfast. Jörgen made a super fruitsalad (three kind of melons, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, björnbär but he forgot the banana, hehehe), and we had coffee, milk, juice, water, bread, cheese, butter, salami, yoghurt, cottage cheese, honey, greek yoghurt, bell peppers and probably some more stuff that I have missed. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

At the pool
Spent 1,5 hours at the pool. I must have gone into the pool at least 10 times during that 1,5 hours. It is so HOT here. My goal, which I will not reach, is to have the same skin color as Gerd at my work has after a vacation, which is soooo increadably brown. I can never be that brown! 😦 I don’t have the skin and I don’t have the patience.

My surf spot (the only working surf spot) in the apartment :-)

My surf spot (the only working surf spot) in the apartment 🙂

Delicious homemade lunch
We made spagetti/rise and meat sause for lunch, a late lunch. It was so very good. I realise I have been longing for home cooked food. By the way, the Internet is really lousy in this apartment. There is only one spot where it actually works and that is in this kitchen corner. 😦

Game of Thrones
In the evening we…tada….had in house movie time. Strange feeling, we haven’t looked at the TV at all this vacation. Jörgen has read the first Game of Thrones book this vacation (he got all the books from Jossan last Christmas) so now we looked at the first two episodes from season one. OMG, it was nerv tickeling, so very good and so exciting. Looking forward to two more episodes tomorrow night!! 🙂