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Had a good sleeps morning and had the favorite breakfast. When I come home I will start making the same kind of yoghurt breakfasts as they have here. Apples cocked in cinnamon, strawberry cream (kräm) and then plain yoghurt with cottage cheese, mmmmmm, so very good. Maybe I will throw in some banana slices, as well.

Drove with the cab down today. It was a 3,5h trip from Orlando to Miami AND it was 36 degrees Celsius. A bit too hot for me. Feliks said, with disappointment in his voice:

– Now you are driving with the top down, now that I’m not in the car!

Poor Feliks! But there is a simple explanation to that. When travelling highways as we do all the time, in around 65-70 miles/hour, it is Ok to sit in the front seat with the top down. In the back seat it feels like being in the middle of a hurricane the whole time. So, not an option!

The view from our balcony in Miami

The view from our balcony in Miami

On the 21st floor :-O

On the 21st floor :-O

Living the apartment life
Came to Miami around 16.00. The host of the apartment had told us we would get the keys at the reception, which we did. One parking space is included, the other car had to be in valet parking ($52 for the whole eight nights which was the valey price PER NIGHT in downtown Chicago). The apartment was on the 21st floor, out of 25, so the view is rather grandiose! And the apartment was perfect!! Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, good sized kitchen with washing mashin, dryer, dish washer and a micro wave owen. A livingroom with two large sofas and then tables and chairs for six. Nice to have some space compared to living in hotel room of maybe 15-20m2. So very perfect!! The only strange thing was the smell. It smelled as though they had sprayed something in the room. At first we thought it smelled macaronies but then, after a while, it was just a strange smell. Well, if they had been spraying for some insects or something, the spraying had succeeded, cause the apartment is completely bug free. The only thing we have seen is five small ants and that is not a problem for us! We have ants back home as well. 🙂

Whole Food Market, our favorite store
After settling in, we went to the Whole Food Market to shop. Oh, what a store. It is just great for us Celiaki people. They even had gluten free banana cake!!!! Jihhhaaa, I have never had banana cake since I have been gluten intolerant all this time when the banana cakes showed up in my life. But now I get to eat it! It was delicious!!!!!! We bought a lot of other stuff as well, all we need for breakfast and lunches for a few days.

Jossan has a fever and do not feel well at all, incredible, there has been someone sick almost this whole vacation.

Had a super sandwich in the evening with toasted glutenfree, white bread with chese and salami. Mmmmmmmmmm.