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I love the breakfast at The Best Western Lake Buena Resort. Love the apples in cinnamon, love the yoghurt, the strawberry mix and the freshly made omeletts. They also make Micky Mouse waffles on demand, with wipped cream (far from all waffle houses have whipped cream to serve, strange for a Swede, whipped cream is a mist, at least for The Anderssons). 😉 Jossan thinks the coffee tastes bitter but I think the coffee here is great, strong, much more like Swedish coffee.

Had a lazy day in the room, it is raining outside so my plans of getting to the pool disappeared quickly. Instead I had a good time reading and blogging. At 15.15 we went to the bank and to the gas station and then we headed off to Titusville.

Because of Jonas Larsson, born 1763 in Kvalsta, Berg, Sweden
Since I have done a lot of genealogy research I have made contacts with other genealogists and found some relatives on my mothers side here in US. Since we are really close to Titusville when in Orando, I contacted my relative Richard, to see if there was any chans that we could meet before we took off to Miami. And yes, they had time for us!! 🙂

Richards and mine closest common ancestor is a man by the name Jonas Larsson, born in 1763, so it is some good 250 years ago. But just think about it, if Jonas Larsson hadn’t been born… But he WAS born and Richards family are related to one of Jonas sons and my family are related to one of Jonas daughters.

Richard booked a table at a restaurant, The Dixie Crossroads Restaurant, a seafood restaurant and we decided to meet there at 17.00. Jörgen and me drove there and when almost there, we started to talk about how we were going to recognize eachother?? Darn, I said, Richard has a Facebook picture of an old man on a horse, but I suppose he does not look like that, hahahaha. We should have decided to wear a red rose or something, like in the James Bond movies. 🙂

Richard, The Scrubman, sells so many different colorful scrubs in his store

Richard, The Scrubman, sells so many different colorful scrubs in his store

Richard and Jörgen are feeding the beautiful chickens

Richard and Jörgen are feeding the beautiful chickens

I get to collect eggs at Richards and Laurels chicken house :-)

I get to collect eggs at Richards and Laurels chicken house 🙂

Richard and Laurel Price, relatives found through genealogy searches.

Richard and Laurel Price, relatives found through genealogy searches.

Dinner with Richard and Laurel
We parked and went into the restaurant. I sat down on a bench and a woman smiled at me. I smiled back and thought:
– She might just be very nice and happy OR she might be Richards wife!!! Help, how should I know??
Then, just a minute later, I saw Richard entering the building (no horse in sight), we recognized each other, and yes, it was Laurel, Richards wife, who had smiled so friendly at me! We got our table and had some very delicious seafood there. If you have the chance, go there. They had soooo great food.

The scrubman
After dinner we drove by Richards shop, The scrubman, where he sells all kinds of scrubs and other hospital equipment. So many different colors on the scrubs. And sooo many shoes with different patterns. Richard told us that normally they don’t get to decide the scrub colors, that is all set, but the shoes are not and there fore many of the hospital working people go all in on the shoes. Hahaha, that’s just great!

The great egg hunt
Then we drove to Richards and Laurels home. Borrowed a pair of nicely fitting boots, haha, and went out to feed the chickens. They had so beautiful chickens, a whole bunch of them. I also got to go into the chicken house and collect the eggs. I don’t think I have ever done that before. I collected one white and one brown. Wonder if I could have a pair of chickens in Barkarö!? Not quite sure the neighbours would approve, though. 🙂 We had a really great time at The Price family house. We sang Happy Birthday to one of their grandchildren, Amelia 3 uears old, I think it was. Got to meet Laurels 91 year old aunt, as well. She was so nice and also curious about where we came from. Also saw a lot of hunting stuff and an alligator head that they had to take away if their grandchildren should sleep over. Smart grandchild, I would not like to have that gator head in my bedroom either!!

Thanks a lot, Richard and Laurel, for taking the time to meet us and let us come and visit you. We so much appreciated it!! 🙂

At 21.00 we took off and drove back to Orlando. Booked an apartment on a site that Jossan found two days ago. The first and the second booking didn’t work out since the hosts had missed/forgot to fill out their booking calender. Looked like the apartments were available, but they were not. The third booking was a success!! Tomorrow we are leaving for Miami.