Today was had a great breakfast at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista hotel. The man down in the restaurant questioned Jörgen why he looked so angry and serious:

– Man, you have to be glad, lighten up, what’s up with you? Do you need coffee? You need coffee!! Bring this man some coffee! Hahahahahah, great start of the day.

After breakfast I went to wash clothes and towels. We live on floor 10 but the washing mashines are on the 9th and 7th floor, so I had to do a lot of running between floors. Haha, but everything worked out well. Costs 3 dollars to wash one mashine. Jossan went to do a refill on her eye lashes, they went in their OWN car!! 🙂

At 14.00 we went to The Universial Studios and we stayed there until 22.00. Had a great time but missed the new event Harry Potter. First time we tried to go there, it was 105 minutes of queue, the second time we went there, they had closed since it was 20.00 and the queue was 2h long. We were all sad we missed it. But we did the Mummie ride twice and that is really a fun ride. Love it!

Stayed for the water, movie and fire works show at the end. Really impressive! The only thing NOT impressive at The Universal Studios is the complete lack of gluten free meals. I found NOTHING!! 😦

Came home at 23.00 and tried to find a place to stay in Miami. Not easy, but now we have switched to look for appartments instead of hotels. Hope for the best!