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We chose the mountain road. It is the shortest and the most beautiful. If we could see anything. We left before 05.30 and then it is still dark. The sun raises at around 06.15.

Is Gatlinburg the cosiest town in US?
The first town we came to was Gatlinburg. If you ever plan to visit Dollywood be sure to live in Gatlinburg. It is such a beautiful and cosy little town, filled with shops and restaurants that you can stroll between. AND that, strollong, is a rare thing to be able to do in America. Another advantage is that you, according to Google reviews anyway, have both bars and restaurants that serve wine and drinks here, which were far from the case in Pigeon Forge (called “Dry County” in some reviews, hehe, and we agree, hard to get wine to the food there, we only got to have that at The Mill yesterday, nowhere else). So I say it again, stay in Gatlinburg.

After Gatlinburg the road goes up, up, up. We drove through the Smokey Mountains in complete darkness but when we were on our way down on the other side, the sun rise. Unfortunatly we missed to stop at the perfect place to watch the sun rise, I bet it would have been magic.

Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe
Then we came to Cherokee, which also looked like a fantastic, cute little town, but of course more Indian inspirated than Gatlinburg. Would love to come back there to visit for some days as well.

Jossan and Feliks have a small drink at Applebee's :-)

Jossan and Feliks have a “small” drink at Applebee’s 🙂

We didn’t do shit (pardon my language) in Atlanta. We stayed in the outer parts, ate at Applebee’s where Jossan and Feliks took this beautiful drink, and then we all went to a good nights sleep.

Afterwards, when we talked to Richard and Laurel, I bragged about the beautiful flowers in the city of Chicago. Laurel then told me that also Atlanta is famous for its fantastic flowers and plants downtown. So we know know that we (at least I) really missed out on something here! Well, well, you can’t get to see it all! 😦