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Today Jossan turned 23. We celebrated her in the morning with presents and a mini breakfast “on the bed” (coffee, birthday strawberry muffins, raspberries and grapes). She got an iPad mini (much appreciated), mascara (the one and only super mascara) from Feliks, massage with a friend (preferrably a boyfriend) from Feliks, dinner for two (probably with a boyfriend) from Feliks and shopping from Feliks wallet (without whining), (who is being spioled by her boyfriend)???? 😉 and also the favorite candy, Turkisk Peppar, from Robin.

Opry Mills shopping
Jossan got to decide what to do today, and it was really hard. We all looked for stuff to do for maybe two hours and then she decided that we should go to Opry Mills, a huge shopping mall. A bit of shopping is NEVER wrong, but our suitcases are beginning to be really hard to close!!! I bought a top (black and orange flowers) and a long orange skirt. Jossan didn’t find anything but Feliks bought shorts and a belt. Monsieur strolled around on his own for a while and then sat down to read his very exciting book.

Skål, Jossan 23

Skål, Jossan 23

Best food ever at TGI Fridays
In the evening we had the most perfect dinner at TGI Fridays. We all took different things on the menu and they all were SOOOO good. And Jossan had the best drink ever, a:

Peach Sangria
Seven Daughters Moscato
St. Germain Elder Flower Liquer
Peach purée
Clover honey
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Cane sugar

It is up to you to try out how much to use of each ingediens. 🙂

Jossan had two of these! Feliks had a Long Island Ice Tea. Was really good too. I had Sizzeling chicken and shrimps with mashed potatoes, vegetables and cheese. OMG, delicious!!

Took an early night since we will take off before sun raise tomorrow morning.