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Today it is time to go back to St Louis to pick up the hopefully repaired Cadillac. Started the day packing, now the car is totally full since we are five! Went to the air port and dropped off Robin there. His vacation is over and on Monday he will be back at work. Said bye, bye Robin and then the rest of us headed for St Louis. We had this smart idea that we would not stop for breakfast, just stop by a Sonic, buy milkshakes and then hit the road again. Due to two driving errors that little stop took us more than an hour! 😦 We have to be at both the workshop and Avis before 5 o’clock, a trip of more than 309 miles. Let’s see how that works out! 🙂

American roads, the best in the world?
I just luuuuuve American roads. They are so perfect. Always at least two lanes in both direction, often three lanes and always (like 97% of the time) devided by a large grass area. You can always easily pass a slower moving vehicle, all is set for a really smooth flow.

And while talking about typical American stuff, what is it with the Americans and chervil? They put it on exactly EVERYTHING! It has a really special kind of taste and we do not like it. Well, three of us does not like it. Robin, who has lived in San Diego for half a year has converted into a chervil lover. Hated it at first, loves it now!! Hahaha!

The Cadillac was not ready
We came to the workshop at 16.15 and guess what…the car was not ready. Big surprice. The mechanic stod with his oily hand in our motor working with hoes and stuff, telling us that it would be at least two more hours before he was ready. As they lived really close to our hotel, Best Western St louis Inn, they suggested they would drive the car there when it was ready. Perfect for us.

We drove to the hotel and checked in. Room 221. Left the luggage and Jossan and Feliks there and went to fill up the rental car with gas and return it. We had a deadline for the return at 17.30. We were there 17.10. Puh, all set. Then taxi back “home”.

Dinner at the Cracker Barrel Steakhouse

Dinner at the Cracker Barrel Steakhouse

Rocking chairs. Imagin' myself sitting on the porch, rocking, knitting...

Rocking chairs. Imagin’ myself sitting on the porch, rocking, knitting…

The Cracker Barrel
Four starving people (us) then ended up at Cracker Barrel steakhouse, had some good food (no wine, no cider, no beer) 😦 and went to bed. Tomorrow we will travel all the way to Nashville. Hopefully we can fit in all the luggage and hopefully with a perfectly functioning air condition.

Outside Cracker Barrel they sold these beautiful rocking chairs along with other beautiful wooden furniture. Tried one out, felt really good. 🙂

A small weather reflection
It is really a big difference between the weather in Chicago and St Louis. Chicago feels like Sweden, St Louis is totally another heat, it is hotter and more humid compared to The Windy City.