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Busy day. As usual on the last day we have to do all the things we haven’t done before. Today we had breakfast at a new place. They had glutenfree bread so me and Jörgen ordered glutenfree sandwiches. Chose an outside table and sat down and then we got the message that they were out of glutenfree bread, so instead we had yoghurt and fruit. We were a bit disappointed at first but after eating the new stuff we were completely content. Was jummie!!

60 000 ducks

60 000 ducks

The grand Chicago Duck Race
After breakfast we rushed up to the river and on the way Jossan and Feliks opened an American bank account and I bought a Levis top (you have to be a quick shopper sometimes). At the river we adopted two ducks, Robin and me adopted one and Feliks and Jossan adopted one. First price is a brand new car!! Then, at 13.00, they opened the bridge, backed down a truck that tipped 60.000 ducks into the river. The stream was not enough to transport the ducks in the right direction so a fire boat had to sprincle water on the duck back line to get them to move, hahaha. A lot of people and a lot of ducks! We stayed for a while but realized that it would take a lot of time to get these ducks from one bridge to another. So, we went to do a lot of errends instead. Jossan and Feliks to fill up the Verizon with mew GBs and the rest of us went to Target to buy a bag (Jörgen) and some liquer and T-shirts (Robin).

Up, up, up to the top of The Hancock Building
In the afternoon we toasted in sparkeling wine to celebrate Feliks arrival and to mourn Robins departure. Then we headed up the Hankock Building, which is next to our hotel, Raffaello. It is the second tallest building in Chicago. Impressive views from up there. There you really can see how beautiful Chicago is with all its waters, all the superhigh tower buildings and all the green parks. Lovely! Or as Jörgen chose to express it: Just like New York, only nicer! 🙂

We just can’t get enough
Then, for the third time in Chicago, we ate at The Cheese Cake Factory. So close to us, so convinient and SOOOO GOOD!! Finished up eating just in time for Feliks, Robin and Josephine to grab a taxi (20$) and go to the Katie Perry consert that started at 7 o’clock. Jörgen and me went up to the Drumbar, it would have been a shame not to visit when we have stayed in the hotel in the very same building for almost a week. Jörgen had a great drink, mine tasted like shit, so I had half of Jörgens drink and then we went back to the room.

The “kids” took a cab back home (15$). They werevery pleased with the Katie Perry performance. Great!