Had breakfast and headed towards St Louis. This trip was the most perfect one so far, the temperature is normal now. Soooo nice!!

Jörgen drove all the way from Springfield to St Louis. Now we are starting to see woods along the way, that’s nice. I booked a hotel downtown in St Louis, on the east side of the river. AFTER booking I started reading reviews, not good, not good at all, should have done that earlier. The reviews said: The only part of SL that is worst than the east is the north. If you go into these areas, don’t go unarmed, etc etc. I cancelled the booking and 160 dollars just went out of the window!! Well, that’s me, safety first!!

We did not pre-book any new hotel, we just drove to one and then checked in straight away, yes, early check-in, and then we spent almost that whole day in the room. I did some laundry, Jö&R went to a car workshop to see if they could fix the problems with our car, Jo&R went to buy candy and then we looked at a rental movie, the book that Jossan just read, Divergent. It was a good movie.

Didn’t get to see much of St Louis this day!! 😦