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Today is an “in between day”. We want to go to St Louis but it is to far, 8 hours in a car with no air condition is out of the question. So we will make a one night stop in Springfield, check out Lincolns grave, spend the night and then head out east again tomorrow.

We left the Cambria hotel today at 06.20. We aimed for 06.00 but we didn’t quite make it! 😉 The weather is about to change rather drastically here in the neighbourhood it seems. The forecast says there will be a temperature drop soon from around 38 degrees C to some 26-27 degrees. That must be really strange for this part of the country since everyone has kept telling us that this summers temperature (38) is unusually low. Their normal July temperature is supposed to be around 45 (thank God, we did not travel through here a normal summer)!!

Jörgen started to drive, then Robin took over and the last 120 miles I was the driver. We arrived at the Best Western Coach House Inn at around 11.40. We checked in, settled down, had some lunch and then I went to the outdoor pool and spent two hours there. Very nice!!

Celebrating 30 years engagement anniversary

Celebrating 30 years engagement anniversary

Great drinks at Applebee's

Great drinks at Applebee’s

In the evening we went to Applebee’s and celebrated the fact that today it was exactly 30 years ago since we went to Copenhagen, together with Matte och Pia, and got engaged. Still remeber the engagement ad that suddenly dropped down on our seat. We had hoped that M&P wouldn’t have the time to read the newspaper since our plane left VERY early. It seamed they had the time for that anyway, hmmmmmmm. And 30 YEARS!!!! My God, how old are we??? :-O

Had some really good drinks there and the staff was really nice and friendly.

BTW, no Lincoln grave here, wrong Springfield! 🙂