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Rushed up at 09.30 to be able to get to the complementary breakfast in time (stops at 09.00). Had coffee, grapefruit juice, a yoghurt, some scrambled eggs and a sausage. The waiter tried to convince me that the sausage was glutenfree but he didn’t do such a good job. I was sceptic, but since there were no bacon I decided to try the sausage. i normally get sympthoms rather soon so I ate very slowly, and YES, he was right, it was glutenfree. Not as tasty as bacon, but glutenfree. 🙂 Robin refused to join us for breakfast, he wanted to sleep. He has had some intense days, first driving in the heat to and from Waco and then Six Flags all day, yesterday.

Sixth Floor Museum
After breakfast Jörgen, Robin and me decided to go see the Sixth Floor Museum, the building from which John F Kennedy was killed. Jossan did not want to join (a museum, yaak), so she stayed home and spent some time at the fitness center, which by the way is fantastic here at The Magnolia hotel. The best fitness center so far on our trip, according to Jossan, the fitness center expert. 🙂

The Sixth Floor Museum was very interesting and the museum is a museum “on the spot”. It is the actual building and floor where it all happened. You can look out from exactly the window where the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was sitting when he shot John F Kennedy. We got headsets and the tour was very good. Lots of photos and films. There were a lot of information about all the conspiracy theories, all the investigations etc. Kennedy was shot in 1963 and the last investigation was closed in 1988. According to what I saw, many, many things point directly at Oswald, but then again: Was he alone? Had he been “drafted” for this mission and by what organisation/country? A riddle that will never get any answer! Just like our own Olof Palme riddle!

At the Stockyards
In the afternoon we all went to Fort Worth (in the discusting heat in the car). Once again, I hate it!! But, reading all the Facebook updates, I realise that the weather in Sweden isn’t any better. They are hitting 32-33 degrees C right now, and for many, many days. VERY unusual for Sweden. I wonder what the temperature is in our house, in our new “winter garden”. Probably I am better off not knowing. 😉

The Stockyards is a place where you get to be inside a town from history. The buildings, the cowboys the cattle. Twice a day they drive a herd of longhorns right through the city. Didn’t last for long but it was great to see. The only thing left now is to actually do it yourself. And there are places you can do that, experience the “real cowboy life”. But maybe I am starting to get to old “for that shit”, I probably would first have a cramp in my leg (got that when I rode for just one hour a few days ago) and then faint in the heat, hahahahaha.

We had a nice dinner at a steak house and then we did some shopping. I bought a poster saying: Coffee!! You can sleep when you are dead!! Hahaha, Jossan didn’t think the message was fitting me at all, I sleep to much, she sais. But, I said, well, yea, that’s true, but the coffee part is ME! I LOVE coffee! And now it comes, guess what Robin bought?? Yep, a longhorn (well, not the cow itself but the horn)! And when I say long, I mean LONG!! It is a huge horn. His plan is to let us keep it in the car but I am very uncertain that that will be at all possible. Soon Feliks arrives and he will have a suitcase the same size as Jossan, and then we are in BIG trouble, even without a longhorn in the car. I would say, pack it carefully and bring it as extra luggage on the plane. Have to check the prices for that!!