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…or maybe not!! 😦

Jörgen and Robin took the car to the workshop this morning, to get the AC converted. The mechanic at Speedlab gave them a ride back to the hotel. At 10.00 the parts should arrive and then they should do the work in one day, so the car was supposed to be ready this evening. The mechanic seems like a really nice guy, according to what J & R have told me, and he is married to a Croatian girl, working with web design and together they have a webshop BonSavon, selling French soap (she seems to have the same work/hobbies as me, I wonder if she is into beading and sewing as well)?? 😉

Had a brunch at Jason’s Deli, it was very good and they also had glutenfree alternatives. When we had our first breakfast at the Marriott hotel in ABQ, and I asked for glutenfree bread, the waiter told me:
– Oh no, your in the mid west now! This is not like the cost states, here we are like twenty years behind. You will not find glutenfree alternatives ANYWHERE around here!! Every ABQ restaurant we visited after that Marriott breakfast had glutenfree stuff on their menues. Hahahaha, lucky for me he was totally wrong. 🙂

After our brunch we splitted up. JJB went to Verizon to, once more, try to get them to fill up our WiFi with 10 new, fresh GB. How hard can it be?? Very hard, it seems! We went there yesterday and they said they had fixed everything, we should get the GN in about 10 minutes. Nothing happend. We called the and they said that the GB will show up after midnight! Nothing happend. So…I am not sure they all know what they are doing!? 😦

Selfie at the pool

Selfie at the pool

Since every stop at Verizon takes at least half an hour, I didn’t want to join this time, so instead I went to….TADAAAAAA…the pool. Me and my book, so nice! I read Mari Jungstedts latest book, Du går inte ensam. I don’t know, but up til now it seems kind of predictable. Stayed two hours at the pool, one “front hour” and one “back hour”, which resulted in a little shade of red! A good red, not the Jörgen kind of red!! 😉

J&J came down to the pool and told me the sad news that the car won’t be fixed. The parts they needed haden’t arrived, in fact, hadn’t even been sent. I can send it now, the dealer said. The Speedlab guy told him it would be too late, that we were leaving tomorrow. Sooo, they have filled the car up with some new freon (380 bucks) but the air condition doesn’t really get cold, soooo, here we are again, having to drive a car with a broken air condition. Buhu, I was really hopeful about that these guys from Speedlab would fix it! 😦

Had dinner at an Italian restaurant, Romano’s Macaroni Grill. It was very good (even though the ratings on the web gave them kind of low grades), Jörgen and me took the glutenfree alternative in the Create your own pasta” menu. They have that “Build your own” concept a lot here, I think that is really good. You can chose exactly the ingredients that YOU like. Perfect!

We finished off the evening by going to the movies. Saw Sex tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Seagal. It had a 5,1 rate at IMDB, but I would give it a 6! Hahaha, big difference…not!

BTW, you might not know but I fixed some really beautiful nails at BeautyHouse on Facebook in Västerås, Sweden, before we left for US. Now they have grown sooooo long that I really have a hard time writing on my iPad. The fingertip along with my nail covers more than on key, hahahaha. So if you see any misspellings, I blame it on my nails. If they are not repeated, of course, then I am to blame!! 😉