Well, I am not sure that my spelling was right but I know that is where we are going. Todays trip is loooong, 500 km approximatly. We need to get going to be able to reach Chicago on time. Chicago is a deadline for us since that is when Robin is flying home and Feliks, Jossans boyfriend, is flying in.

We had some problems when packing this morning. Robins harddrive was totally gone. Jörgen looked twice in the safety box and I looked once there as well, but no, no harddrive. We looked EVERYWHERE, for at least 20 minutes, but, no harddrive. We had almost given up when Robin, all of a sudden, decided he would also take a look in the safety box, and guess what!! There it was. My God, such a lot of searching and worrying and there it was all the time. Jörgen and me could only explain us not seeing it with the fact that it looked as a part of the box itself. Black as it is, it melted in perfectly along one side of the box!!!! 😉 You can’t see what you can’t see!

Entering New Mexico
So we are travelling today from Flagstaff to Albaqeblablabla and all around us here on the way is Meat country. Cows and their calfs are all you see and most of the land is flat. The weather today is cloudy, thank God for that, makes our car environment much more pleasant. The wind blows in between the wind shield and the top so it is quit hard to talk, so we sleep, listen to music, surf and blog when in the car. Except for the driver of course, he (yes HE) is driving! 🙂

My view from the passenger seat right now

My view from the passenger seat right now

Vi kom fram till Albuquerque, jippi jag kan stava till det, kl 12 och då var mitt humör i skarp nedförsbacke. Detta pga vädret, holy ba jesus, vilken hetta. Jag inser (och även min stackars omgivning) att jag är helt beroende av kyla och normala temperaturer för att behålla mitt normalt så trevliga humör. Den som vill ha mig grinig, sur och otrevlig, ta med mig till öknen, så är det klart!!!!

We looked up a Marriott and checked in. Now we are planning to stay here for a few days, hoping to be able to fix the AC in our car so the rest of the trip will be a bit more joyful.

Utsikt från vårt fönster på 11e våningen på Albuquerque Marriot

View from our window on the 11th floor at the Albuquerque Marriott

I apologize for mixing languages, my intention is to write some parts in English and some in Swedish, so my English speaking friends can follow our trip as well.